Noul amplificator HX!

The Car & Hifi subtitled “final stage fireworks” during the autohifi believes in the new “superpower”.

The ultimate successor to the traditional STEG power amplifier is now available, thus keeping some ready for any high-end friends. The precious piece, equipped with abundant features, from processed knotless brushed metal, surrounded by a shiny chrome bar with chic rounding can be seen.
But not only outside “hui”, and inside the upper class quality is omnipresent: a thick Kuperfplatine, chromed metal covers for transformer and choke coupled with thick wires, which run along gallantly under the board.

The sound of the HX-end stage, a sensation: dynamic, smart, fast and clear.

With 2x 1040 Watt HX reached the 260.2 a brute power in comparison to what does this masterpiece on the market.

A stabilized power supply, a high SNR and THD specs promise excellent listening deluxe class.

In a nutshell: ACCESS AND ENJOY!

+ Power until you drop
+ Very well made with quality components
+ Filter can be circumvented
+ HIGH-END extremely dynamic sound


HIGH-END analog amplifier with brutal power
Low-pass (60 – 120 Hz)
High Pass (60 – 120 Hz)
Slope for LP 12/24 dB / octave
Eingangempflindlichkeit 0.2 to 8 volts
Direct Input
Filters can be defined by plug-in card
Remote for level or phase
(HX RTC sold separately)
Phase 0 – 360 degrees in vocal range

1 ohm stereo / 2 ohm mono stable
RCA output
Mono-/Stereo-Betrieb possible
Automatic power in high-level input
High-level input possible
internal fuse with LED indicator
very high quality components
temperature-dependent cooling fan
with several fans optional expandable
stabilized power supply